Turtle is an operating system for working with freelance software devs

Today's freelancer marketplaces
aren't cutting it
Mostly low quality
No process
No Transparency

With Turtle,
these problems disappear

Top devs at a fair price

Turtle focuses on high-quality startups and freelancers. Freelancers are vetted extensively when they join Turtle and reviewed on a regular basis.

Easy to work together

Great talent is half of the solution. Turtle's app goes on to cover everything from budgeting to meetings to task management.

Trust built in

See exactly where your budget is going at any time. Turtle's app provides fairness and transparency tools for startups and freelancers.

The world's most promising startups are adding Turtle to their teams.

Spacious Chief Product Officer Tom Daly invited Turtle co-founder Vlad Lokshin in to chat about working together:

Start a Turtle team for as little as $2K per month